La métrica gallego-portuguesa medieval desde la música medieval:

una perspectiva intersistémica para la comprensión de la construcción métrica y para la contrafacción

  • Antoni Rossell (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

From a comparison between the metric and the music in Roman and Latin texts (intersystemic comparison), we investigate the possible metric-musical models of the Galician-Portuguese lyric. Through the comparison between roman and latin texts from the Midle Age, which have similar or parallel metric structures, the goal is to find out the metric-melodic development of models in order to understand form a structural perspective, the music of medieval Galician poetry, wich does not conserve musical notation. The texts we have studied are: O genete (18,28) of Alfonso X; Par Deus, senhor (18,31) of Alfonso X; Senhor genta (Leonoreta) of Johan Lobeira (71,4), and Des que eu vi (143,4) of Roy Fernandez de Santiago. Read more