La métrica cancioneril en la época de los Reyes Católicos:

la poesía de Pedro de Cartagena

  • Ana M. Rodado Ruiz (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha)

This article analyzes the poetry of Pedro de Cartagena as a representative work about the uses and metric artifices of the court poetry in the age of the Catholic Monarchs. After a long way from the most ancient song-books as Baena’s compilation (PN1) or the Cancionero de Palacio (SA7), in which we can still find traces of Occitan and Galician-Portuguese traditions, the turn-of-the-century song-books represent a moment of fullness in the evolution of the metric genres. Cartagena’s work offers a wide and varied sample of both the metric preferences and the high degree of experimentation reached by the poetry during this fruitful literary period. Read more